Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Meetand Greet for Hettienne~ Welcome!

We at Inspiration Avenue Etsy Team would like to introduce you to our newest lovely team member, Hettienne. Yay! Hettienne is a gentle and warm creative soul. I asked her to tell us a little about herself, so we all could get to know her better. And here's what she shared with us:

I live in Cape Town, South Africa. I am mother of three - two of whom are already at University. My home language is Afrikaans, a language only spoken in South Africa - it is very close to Dutch and Belgian. I have a degree in languages and have always been a free lance writer, editor, copy writer and so on. Most of my life has been dedicated to my family and my contemplative spiritual community, till 13 years ago when I started to paint.
Discovering and uncovering my ability to create, opened my heart even more and now I had a wonderful tool to help me interpret myself, my feelings, my experiences. it also taught me how to extend to others, to overcome my fears and vulnerabilities and to let down my defences! To me, life is art. I still have a small group of spiritual students and art in every form is included in all my courses and retreats.
From painting I went on to mosaic, then jewellery making and beading and then to the mixed media crafts which I enjoy the most. Joining in Etsy has really opened my eyes to the incredible creativity of women! Every day I learn something new.

My first love in life is to travel and to travel to places rich in history and spirituality. And I love blogging. What an incredibly supportive and generous community is available on line. It broadens our horizons and it brings us all closer to one another. I write four blogs - in each one I share a different aspect of myself with my community. At first I was hesitant and shy to reveal myself so intimately and I had to deal with a few disappointments in blogging world, but like everything in life, it makes us stronger and expands our hearts, when we overcome our own fears.

I play the piano and I work in the garden as often as I can.

Thanks Hettienne. As you can see by the images I selected from Hettienne's blog (Her Grace by Devata) and etsy shop (Her Grace) she has a talent for mixed-media art. Please help us give Hettienne a warm welcome. We are so happy to have you join us!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Creative Challenge - 29th August

 Your challenge this week (if you choose to accept it!) is to create something inspired by ...
beach treasures
 Image from http://beachfinds.wordpress.com
Any media is accepted, as long as it fits the theme. Think shells, seaweed, washed up bits of ephemera and seaglass...

Image by  http://completely-coastal.com 
Or if you're feeling really ambitious you may be inspired by Heather Jansch's fabulous driftwood horses ...
image from http://zuzafun.com
... or to try a spot of pebble mosaic on your driveway!!

image from http://studiogblog.com
You can find our challenge rules in the sidebar over there ----->
Have a lovely week and meet you back here on Sunday - can't wait to see what you make!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunflowers revealed

You are in for a treat
A treat of massive fun warm eye candy

~Sunflower Art Gallery~
take a deep breath
and walk into this amazing
Room of creations
that are out of this world!

Ready ~ Set ~ Go


Monday, August 22, 2011

"Sunflowers" This weeks Challenge


A garden of Sunflower beckoned to me -

Come join us, my lady, and joyous you'll be!

We're large ones and small ones, some dainty and fair,

And even some delicate to wear in your hair.


We follow the sun, swaying slowly without a care,

We have a new dance that with you we will share.


Gently hold onto our leaves, allow us to lead the way,

To our Sunflower two-step, dancing throughout the day.

I couldn't resist them, so dandy a sight!

So off I did go in my Sunflower flight.

What a glorious time, right up til twilight,

And then I had to bid my Sunflowers good-night.

So happy were we, a long day filled with fun,

Upon leaving I kissed them, each and every one.

So tender the moment, as I turned to leave.

With eyes brimmed with tears, could I truly believe?

OH! It was so true!! I then knew it to be!!!

I had to smile, 'cause they were all winking at me!!!!

~Author Unknown~

  • A distinguishing quality of the sunflower is that its flowering head tracks the sun’s movement. This occurrence is known as "heliotropism."
  • The sunflower is the state flower of Kansas.

Join us in Creating Beautiful
 this week!!!!!

If you are new to us this week the directions are on the right sidebar!

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