Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Challenge-Using Words to Inspire Your Art

Hi everyone.  I hope you all survived the holidays and are getting back to normalcy.  I'm working up the energy to take down my mermaid Christmas tree.  It seems like I have so many things to do and that time to do them keeps shrinking.  Of course, I realized that I was signed up to post our weekly challenge, so the mermaids on the tree will remain a little bit longer.
I joined two creative teams for digital art journal/scrapbook designers.  That means I get to try their new kits and make pages to show off the designs.  It sounds simple, and it sometimes is.  But once in awhile, I find myself sitting there pondering what to do.  That's when I head over to Google to search for words.  I love to find interesting quotes that inspire my artwork.  Here is an example of two pages from a recent kit created by Christina from 2 Curly Headed Monsters Designs.  

I looked for quotes about the color red, copied and pasted the ones I liked onto a page, and returned to the page to see which ones caught my eye a second time.  The first one mentioned red hair and since my hair is red, I decided to use it.  I also loved the edginess of some of the kit's elements and felt that they fit with the idea of redheads being "dangerous."  The second quote about red being "the ultimate cure for sadness" was in line with my own melancholy mood so I selected it as well.  You can see 
2 Curly Headed Monsters Designs kits here.

Amanda, from Altered Amanda's Studio, is the other designer I create for.  Many of her kits cause me to really reflect on my own life.  Some of them are rich with visuals, while others leave more room for interpretation.  Last week I worked with a kit called Lessons Learned.  It was wide open for interpretation so I visited some quotes I had collected.  The three quotes I shared were credited to Mother Teresa and each one tied in with my experiences that week.

For the second layout, I wrote my own journal entry.  You can see Altered Amanda's Studio kits here.

It doesn't seem to matter whether I use someone else's words or my own.  Reading what others have said on a topic does help to inspire me at times, but I also find it valuable to take an idea and translate it into words and images in my art journal.  Here are some gold stars just for you!

This week we would love to see you use words in your art.  It's up to you how you use them.   Directions for participation are on the right sidebar.  Please post your work on your blog and link up below no later than Sunday, January 19, 2015.
Have fun!
Misplaced Mermaid aka Lou Anne



3rseduc / handsinthesoil said...

Everyone's art supercedes mine but hey art is art...and therapy and expression!

Leovi Leovi said...

Wonderful compositions, beautiful words, I like, great !!

Linda Kunsman said...

really fab pages Lou Anne! I know, you really don't want to put your mermaid away but you could always make a Valentine one-make hearts for her top:)

Lou Anne Hazel said...

Thank you Linda! I love the idea of a Valentine mermaid.

Lou Anne Hazel said...

I visited everyone and was enthralled with all of the pieces. I hated to miss another one of our posts so I decided to choose a piece that I had fun with and share that. It has lots of words but the important thing is that I loved making it and smiled the whole time!

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